The AFFL Youth is a non-contact, flag football organization for boys and girls (Grades K – 12). Our program empowers athletes in a safe, fun, and inclusive environment to develop football skills, build self-esteem, and learn teamwork! Our league has impacted over 12,000 players, and our rules are the closest to traditional football. Also, our players get opportunities to interact with AFFL Pros who are a part of the same organization. Join us as we continue to make our impact on the fastest-growing sport in America.


Over the past decade, flag football has witnessed a meteoric rise in popularity across America, firmly establishing itself as a beloved pastime and competitive sport. Once overshadowed by traditional tackle football, flag football has emerged, offering a safer, less contact-intensive experience while preserving the game’s strategy, teamwork, and excitement.

Schools, communities, and sports organizations have embraced flag football. A testament to its growing significance, the sport has not only attracted a diverse array of players – from kids to adults – but has also increased media coverage and major sponsorship deals. The passion for football remains undiminished, and flag football’s growth showcases a renewed approach to enjoying the essence of the game in a safe and inclusive manner.

Breaking Barriers She Got Next

The emergence of girls in flag football stands as a powerful testament to the shifting dynamics of sports inclusivity. Their active involvement transcends the game itself, serving as a symbol of breaking age-old gender stereotypes and reaffirming that the playing field is a space for everyone, regardless of gender.

As girls lace up their cleats and take to the fields, they’re not just scoring touchdowns; they’re championing a more inclusive, equitable vision for sports, signaling a future where everyone has an equal shot at pursuing their passions and showcasing their talents.

PLAY HARD, WIN BIG Tournaments and Events

Flag football isn’t just about weekly games; it’s also about the excitement of tournaments and special events. Throughout the year, players from all over come together to compete, learn, and have fun. These events offer teams a chance to test their skills, compete at a high level, and make lasting memories. Whether it’s a local tournament or a big national event, there’s always something happening in the world of AFFL Youth flag football.

AFFL YOUTH Benefits of Flag Football

At the heart of AFFL Youth is a passion for the game and a commitment to making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Here’s what sets us apart:

All About Inclusivity

Football is a sport loved by many, and we believe it should be for everyone. That’s why our rules are fun, simple, and mirror the real football experience. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned player, there’s a level of play tailored just for you. Our mantra is clear: AFFL is for everyone, regardless of ability or experience. After all, it’s #flagforall. To extend our reach, the AFFL Foundation even steps in to support underprivileged children, ensuring they too get a chance to dive into flag football.

Prioritizing Safety First

At AFFL Youth, player safety isn’t just a priority; it’s at the core of what we do. With flag football, the contact is significantly reduced, leading to a lower risk of concussions compared to traditional tackle football. Yet, the essence of the game remains. Players develop the same fundamental skill sets—like coordination, strategy, and teamwork—all in a safer environment. We believe in nurturing talent, but never at the expense of a player’s well-being.

Engage, Share, and Compete

Connect with AFFL pros – they play in the very same league as you, offering a unique chance for interaction. And when it comes to showcasing your moments of glory? Our dedicated social media channels are perfect for sharing content with fellow enthusiasts. Beyond local games, players also have opportunities to compete in state, national, and even international tournaments. But remember, at the end of the day, it’s about flag for flag’s sake. Just play, compete, and most importantly, have fun.

Innovation at Your Fingertips

Say goodbye to shouting, “Hey, ref!” With our AFFL Go app, you get a live, real-time scoreboard right on your phone, ensuring you’re always in the loop. Plus, every player gets a number, and there’s even an option to have your name on your jersey – talk about feeling like a pro!

Our Leaders Meet Our Team

Christopher Harris


Eduardo Rios

Vice President of Operations

Christopher Harris


Eduardo Rios

Vice President of Operations


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FAQ’s Answers to Your Questions

What is AFFL Youth?
AFFL Youth is the youth division of the American Flag Football League. Founded by Jeff Lewis in 2017, the AFFL Youth league started in 2021 and organizes leagues and tournaments throughout the United States.
What rules do you use?
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