10′ Stretch Tension Fabric Display


Size: 10 ft
Pole: 30mm Aluminum tube
Material: Flame Retardant 280g Blackout fabric
Accessories: Frame & Carrying bag

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Elevate your event branding with the AFFL Youth League Stretch Tension Fabric Display. This visually striking display is a perfect tool for league operators to promote the American Flag Football League (AFFL) Youth at various events. It combines ease of use with impactful visual appeal, suitable for a range of settings from tournaments to community outreach events.

Key Features:

Eye-Catching Design: Features dynamic, high-resolution graphics showcasing the AFFL Youth brand, ideal for capturing attention and conveying the energy of youth flag football.

Durable Stretch Fabric: Made from high-quality, stretchable tension fabric, this display is not only visually stunning but also built to last, ensuring a long-lasting, wrinkle-free appearance.

Easy Assembly: Designed with simplicity in mind, the lightweight frame can be assembled quickly and easily, with the fabric effortlessly stretching over to create a smooth, seamless look.

Portable and Versatile: Comes with a compact carrying case, making it easy to transport to different event locations. Its versatility makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor settings.

Impactful Brand Presence: The display's prominent branding helps increase the visibility of the AFFL Youth, making it an excellent tool for league promotion, sponsor recognition, and event information.

Ideal for:

* Tournament entrances and registration areas
* Photo backdrops for team and event photography
* Promotional booths at school and community events

With the AFFL Youth League Stretch Tension Fabric Display, league operators can create a dynamic and professional backdrop that resonates with the excitement and community spirit of youth flag football, enhancing every event with vibrant branding and messaging.

Additional information

Weight 0.61 lbs
Dimensions 10 ft

Blue, Red, White

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